The village of Moreau is home to a K-8 school that enrolls hundreds of students each academic year. There are 3 classrooms in the main school building, which was built using donor funds in 2018. Additional classes are held in the church building and an outdoor gathering structure (school and church buildings pictured below).


In order to be an accredited K – 8 school in Haiti, the MIJABA school in Moreau must have restrooms with running water/flushable toilets available for students and teachers. School administrators have determined that they need to install 6 toilets and 3 sinks next to the school building in a dedicated out-building to meet this requirement.

Currently, the plot of land that houses the school has space designated for detached restrooms (shown in diagram below). When facing the school, these restrooms would be on your left (cement foundations shown in the background of the photo below). This building would contain 3 separate restrooms, each containing 2 toilets — one for girls, one for boys, and one for staff. In a shared area, there would be 3 sinks for all to use.

We are trying to fundraise $10,000 this year to support this project — includes construction of building, plumbing, and labor. Work would be completed by skilled carpenters/plumbers in the Bainet region and would be an investment in local job opportunities.

Please consider donating!