Our work is possible due to the generous support of our friends, family, community, and grant-makers. We immensely appreciate your dedication to our mission and vision, through monetary donations that directly benefit the families in Moreau, Moka, Source Benoit, Klosier, and Bonhomme.

Your donation gets put to work improving:

Dr. Jeff founded MIJABA in 2012 to bring health infrastructure and resources to the community he grew up in. MIJABA works hard to ensure all villagers have access to emergency medical care, as well as periodic dentistry clinics and other health services. In 2018, Dr. Jeff oversaw the building of a community school in Moreau to educate hundreds of local K-8 students. We continue to fundraise to ensure the ongoing operations and growth of the school to support as many students as possible. Dr. Jeff dreams of growing thousands of new trees around the five villages in the Bainet region, by enlisting the help of local kids and teenagers to tend to saplings as part of their education. We are proud to support this work and other environmental initiatives to improve local farming, ecosystems, and water quality.

Learn more about our current projects:

School Bathrooms
Teacher Salaries
School Equipment


Rural Haiti faces unique challenges related to public health, access to educational and economic opportunities, and environmental health. Learn more about how residents of the five villages represented by MIJABA are working together to address these.

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