Founded in 2012, MIJABA is a youth-guided non-profit organization that aims to build a sustainable future for Haitian villagers in Bainet.

About MIJABA in Haiti

Ministere du Jardin de Bainet is a youth-guided non-profit organization that aims to build a sustainable future for Haitian villagers in Bainet. Dr. Jeff Losier, a medical doctor from the village of Moreau, founded the organization in 2012 with the help of five youth who were passionate about community-led initiatives to improve health, education, and the environment in several villages in the region — Moreau, Moka, Source Benoit, Bonhomme, and Klosier.

Today, fifteen youth help over three hundred members from these villages to:

  • Prevent deforestation and soil erosion by sowing gardens, planting trees, and growing vetiver grass.
  • Create educational opportunities and spaces by building recreational areas and schools and educating hundreds of students in MIJABA-funded schools every year.
  • Investing in economic opportunities by teaching artistic trades, supporting entrepreneurs, and training locals to become healthcare professionals (including EMTs and midwives).


All of these initiatives help to build a healthy community that will continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.



About MIJABA in the US

In 2022, Dr. Jeff invited four colleagues in the US to create a partner organization based in Minnesota. Our goal is to raise awareness of the work Dr. Jeff has been leading in Bainet over the last decade and support the many community-led initiatives that are ongoing in the five member villages. Our board of directors responds to the needs of the community and builds trusted relationships to ensure that local leaders are in charge of donor-funded projects — placing equity and sustainability at the center of our work.

Mission statement

Our mission is to partner with communities in Haiti to improve their health, education, and environment in a self-sustaining manner.


Board Chair

Dr. Dieufene Losier    

Board Vice Chair

Dr. Dick Gautraud

Board Secretary

Dr. Peter Coombs

Board Treasurer

Brie LaPlante

Board Member

Mark Sullivan

Board Member

Dee Tabb



Our highest priority this year is to support the community schools in Moreau and Moka. This includes:

  • Teacher salaries
  • School-provided lunches for students
  • Laptops and other equipment for teachers

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