Do you ever struggle when selecting an organization to support?

It’s not that you don’t want to give. It’s just that many people are in need and many groups are asking for help. The volume of nonprofit organizations in the world can be overwhelming and distracting. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between similar mission statements and goals. However, discerning supporters learn to dig a little deeper into the background of an organization to understand the purpose behind their efforts. Located in Haiti, MIJABA Bainet is different from other non-profit organizations in several distinct ways.

Dr. Jeff Is from Bainet, Haiti

First, Dr. Jeff is from Bainet, Haiti. He grew up in the area where he is now serving. As a boy, Dr. Jeff was touched by the healthcare needs of his people and that drove his desire to obtain a medical degree. Now, he is using his skills and knowledge to help his hometown. Although he started by offering desperately needed medical assistance, Dr. Jeff’s purpose has broadened to cover the educational, environmental, and spiritual needs of the people in Bainet. He has become a leader in the area, encouraging his neighbors to work together to better their village.

No American  Admin Costs

Second, contributions to Mijaba Bainet aren’t diminished by an American staff’s fundraising or administrative costs. Mijaba Bainet is focused on a special area with specific needs. So, Dr. Jeff’s fundraising requests are based around initiatives such as materials for a water retaining wall, a teacher’s salary, or soccer jersey’s for a children’s team. The number is based on the actual cost of the initiative, supported by the villagers. All of the funds go directly to Bainet in Haiti.

Unique and Practical Solutions

Fourth, Mijaba Bainet implements unique, practical solutions. As a need arises, Dr. Jeff starts by considering the root of the need. Then, he improves the situation by educating people and implementing sustainable processes.

For example, healthcare is limited in Bainet. So, Dr. Jeff has trained the people of Bainet to better help each other. Dr. Jeff taught session for midwives on safely delivering infants. Also, Dr. Jeff trained young people to become EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). Both of these solutions allowed the people of Bainet to help each other during a medical crisis.
As another example, Dr. Jeff noticed that the local terrain was suffering from deforestation. Villagers would cut down trees to survive, as producing charcoal is a quick way to raise money during a financial crisis. Because of the slowly diminishing trees, rain washed too rapidly into the rivers. This eroded the soil and increased flooding. Dr. Jeff knew that he had to educate children about the importance of trees for their environment. So, he started a program where children learn to plant and grow trees. This not only gives them a valuable skill but also, betters the local habitat.