My name is Dieufene Losier, also known as Dr. Jeff. I was born in Bainet, an arrondissement in south east Jacmel of Haiti. Bainet is a very multiracial place with no electricity, with high mountains, still covered with thick vegetation in many places there. It is one of the few places in Haiti where deforestation was not a big concern until recently. Bainet is a place where you can find the friendliest people in the country and all around the planet. Poor people, but pleasant and rich in minds. Kindhearted and so nice. Our community depends only on an archaic agriculture – no air pollution, and rivers are abundant.

I started school when I was 7 years old, in a Christian elementary school. I was usually in the first or second place in my class. Life to me, means family and friends who you can trust and work with and who trust you. I am very much part on the happy side of life. For me happiness comes just when you are helping others to be happy, when you are sharing, not when you are only receiving.

But, like many other young Haitians and young people, I have some very very sad days or depressed days in my life I can stubborn, but that just means, that I want to get things done and get them done right . My best friend is the one who is not afraid to tell me about my mistakes, even he or she knows that can get me mad. I never want to give up my fight until the end.

After college, I worked as a teacher for two years in the same school I did my primary studies. I could not start right away my dream to become a medical doctor do to   socioeconomic and political situation of my dear country Haiti; therefore, I left Haiti to start with my medical studies in the Dominican republic to be a medical doctor. I enrolled at the University of Pontificia Universidad Catolica madre y Maestra (PUCMM), where I started working to make sure that all the Haitians students in the Dominican Republic to have a better life condition, to have students visa instead of having business visa, that is where I started making some good Haitian friends that will last forever to make a difference in Haiti.

By seeing the health care condition of my dear country Haiti and my love for the health care field , I made my decision to become a medical doctor to make a difference into health care in Haiti.   I graduated from medical school on the 9th of jun 2012 . One day after my graduation I returned to my birth country, Haiti, to start with my national service at the hospital St. Michel in Jacmel in the south East.

My outlook on the future is to be a surgeon, get married to have two kids. I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit my life story as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you all.